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Bill Moyers: Becoming American: The Chinese Experience

Series Description

“A model documentary . . . engrossing” —The New York Times

“Tales of heartbreak, horror, and heroism” —Minneapolis Star Tribune

“Reveal[s] . . . an almost secret past” —Los Angeles Times


In Becoming American: The Chinese Experience, Bill Moyers tells the story of a people who have ventured, suffered, endured, and eventually prevailed—from the horrors of Guangdong province to their new life in America. Rather than finding the “Gold Mountain” they expected in California, the early arrivals faced a life of hardship and hard work, battling poverty and prejudice, and experiencing the loneliness of a people caught between two worlds. Moyers recounts the remarkable transformation of a bachelor society confined to America’s Chinatowns into the new “model minority” and beyond—an integral part of the American mainstream and a vital part of the nation’s future.

Becoming American: The Chinese Experience features a special bonus program, Personal Journeys, in which famous Chinese Americans talk to Bill Moyers and tell their own stories.


About the Host

In a broadcasting career spanning nearly 40 years, journalist Bill Moyers distinguished himself at PBS, NBC, CBS, and Newsday. His many honors include lifetime achievement Emmy® and Peabody awards.