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Bill Moyers: Beyond Hate

Series Description

“Uplifting…profound” —The Baltimore Sun

“Poignant” —USA Today

“Provocative” —Austin American-Statesman

“Fascinating” —Chicago Tribune


As ancient as Cain and Abel and as recent as yesterday’s headlines, hate has many faces: racism, anti-Semitism, homophobia, sectarianism, domestic violence. But do we really understand its roots and are there practical ways to cope with it? What is hate doing to us? And perhaps more important, what does it do for us?

In Beyond Hate, award-winning journalist Bill Moyers seeks answers to these and other questions. His search takes him across the country and around the world, from Jerusalem to South Central Los Angeles, from Elie Wiesel’s “Anatomy of Hate” conference in Oslo, Norway, to a classroom in Brooklyn, New York. Moyers talks to philosophers and historians, authors and activists—to those whose lives have been shaped by hate and those whose lives have been dedicated to going beyond it.


About the Host

In a broadcasting career spanning nearly 40 years, journalist Bill Moyers distinguished himself at PBS, NBC, CBS, and Newsday. His many honors include lifetime achievement Emmy® and Peabody awards.