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Bill Moyers: In Search of the Constitution

Series Description

“Rich … a wonderful piece of work” —The New York Times

“Intriguing … delightful … insightful” —Chicago Tribune

“Captures both the history and day-to-day vitality of the U.S. Constitution … Grade: A” —Entertainment Weekly


Exploring the meaning and impact of our founding document.

In American history, no document has sparked as much reverence, discussion, and controversy as the Constitution. But how does it really affect our everyday lives? How do ordinary citizens, legal scholars, and Supreme Court justices interpret it? Join Bill Moyers for this 11-part series, originally produced to mark the Constitution’s bicentennial, that delves into the fascinating history and contemporary relevance of the ultimate law of the land. In-depth interviews with a wide range of experts—including four Supreme Court justices, educator Mortimer Adler, legal philosopher Ronald Dworkin, and Judge Robert Bork—provide not only rich historical detail, but also illuminating insights on current disputes. Throughout, In Search of the Constitution shows how this brief text has shaped our nation and holds the power to change our lives.


About the Host

In a broadcasting career spanning nearly 40 years, journalist Bill Moyers distinguished himself at PBS, NBC, CBS, and Newsday. His many honors include lifetime achievement Emmy® and Peabody awards.