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Crisis at the Castle

Series Description

“Intimate insight into the lives of Britain’s landed classes” —The Observer (U.K.)

“Entertaining” —The Daily Mail (U.K.)

“Beautifully realized peek at the shabby-chic lives of…the upper echelons of British society” —The Sunday Times (U.K.)


These historic houses have stood for centuries. But will they survive the next generation? The owners of three magnificent examples of British architecture—Sudeley Castle, Burton Court, and Kelburn Castle—are faced with pivotal decisions about how to preserve the family home in the face of crumbling infrastructures, fading public attention, and exponentially rising expenses.

A dramatic exposé of the challenges facing the aristocratic inheritors of magnificent properties and crippling debt, Crisis at the Castle takes a behind-the-tapestry look at the realities of castle ownership. From small maintenance tasks that mushroom into calamities to steadfast resistance from elders, watch as the sons and daughters of these ancestral homes take stewardship of their legacy, setting new plans in motion to preserve these houses for future generations.