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Series Description

“Elegant history of design” —The Daily Telegraph (U.K.)

“Fascinating” —The Times (U.K.)

“Brilliant, insightful” —The Guardian (U.K.)


BBC documentary explores the creativity behind consumer products

For industrial designers, the world is never enough. They give shape and texture to the world to make it livable—indeed, beautiful—for the rest of us. This fascinating five-part documentary examines the art and science of design and the stuff it shapes, from computer chips to cityscapes and everything in between. See how design has evolved from artisans’ workshops to industrial mass production, and the profound changes it has wrought in our economy, society, and environment. Meet historians, critics, and legendary contemporary designers, including Dieter Rams (Braun electronics), J Mays (Ford), and Jonathan Ive (Apple), who reveal the thinking behind iconic products such as the VW Beetle, the Eames chair, and the computer desktop. Along the way, discover how design has influenced even the outcome of war.

Fun, fast paced, and always informative, this in-depth series celebrates a discipline that drives both our economy and our culture.