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Series Description

“Enthralling, magnificent…literary and TV gold” —The Observer (U.K.)

“Amazing archive footage” —The Guardian (U.K.)

“Riveting” —The Times (U.K.)

“Unmissable” —The Mail on Sunday (U.K.)


BBC interviews with great novelists and thinkers.

George Orwell. Susan Sontag. Sigmund Freud. Margaret Mead. These giants and dozens more appeared on BBC interviews, documentaries, and films, offering insights on their work and their world. This remarkable compilation gathers archival footage—much of it available for the first time since its original airing—featuring some of the greatest minds of the 20th century.

The collection includes rarities such as the only surviving voice recording of Virginia Woolf, J.R.R. Tolkien reading in his invented Elvish language, disquieting footage of participants in Stanley Milgram’s experiments in the human capacity for cruelty, and Jane Goodall discovering behavioral links between humans and chimpanzees. As a real-life compilation of historic moments, it’s beyond compare; as an overview of the social and political forces of the 20th century, it’s riveting viewing and a remarkable glimpse of the geniuses who have shaped the modern world.