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“Accessible”—The Sunday Telegraph (U.K.)

Just what happened to the global economy in 2008? Why did the world react the way it did? Did economic policies help or hurt? These are just some of the questions that BBC economics editor Stephanie Flanders asks in Masters of Money. For answers, she turns to three economists from the past whose revolutionary thinking helped shape the course of history and transformed the world we live in today.

Englishman John Maynard Keynes, Austrian-born Friedrich A. Hayek, and Germany’s Karl Marx all taught us the awesome power of money. At various times and in various countries, their ideas about how to tame it have been put to the test. But in looking to the past, Flanders not only considers the impact that these three intellectual giants had during their heyday. She also makes the case that they have something special to tell us right now.


About the Host

Program writer and narrator Stephanie Flanders is the BBC’s economics editor and formerly a Financial Times columnist, New York Times reporter, and senior advisor to the U.S. Treasury Secretary.