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Missions That Changed the War: Germany’s Last Ace

Series Description

After his defeat in the Battle of Britain, Adolf Hitler turned east and unleashed his blitzkrieg tactics on the Soviet Union. When he failed to capture Moscow or secure a Russian surrender, Germany faced a scenario many had feared—a two-front war. As the Soviets pushed the Nazis back across the steppes, the RAF and the U.S. Eighth Air Force unleashed a sustained bombing campaign in the West.

In this riveting documentary, narrator Gary Sinise (Apollo 13, CSI: NY, Forrest Gump) tells the story of three men who played decisive roles in the aerial battles over Germany: Lt. Col. Hubert Zemke, Lt. Robert Rankin, and Luftwaffe squadron commander Günther Rall. Through original footage, expert military analyses, and never-before-seen interviews with the participants, Germany’s Last Ace revisits the events of May 12, 1944, which Nazi armaments minister Albert Speer considered the day that Germany lost the war.