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Power of Myth: 25th Anniversary Edition

Series Description

“Dazzling and still potently relevant” —San Francisco Chronicle

The seminal PBS series on world mythology.

Twenty-five years ago, renowned scholar Joseph Campbell sat down with veteran journalist Bill Moyers for a series of interviews that became one of the most enduringly popular programs ever on PBS. In dialogues that adroitly span millennia of history and far-flung geography, the two men discuss myths as metaphors for human experience and the path to transcendence, touching on topics as diverse as world religion, the virgin birth, and pop culture.

Filmed at George Lucas’s Skywalker Ranch and New York’s American Museum of Natural History and featuring newly recorded introductions from Bill Moyers, this series demonstrates that, despite superficial differences between cultures, all stories are humanity’s story.


New introductions from Bill Moyers for each episode, extended conversations with Campbell from Bill Moyers’ Journal, and selections from Moyers’ interview with Star Wars creator George Lucas.

About the Hosts

Joseph Campbell taught for nearly 40 years at Sarah Lawrence College; he authored and edited scores of books and inspired generations of scholars and artists.

Journalist Bill Moyers distinguished himself at PBS, CBS, NBC, and Newsday; his many honors include lifetime achievement Emmy® and Peabody awards.