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The Story of Medicine: Pain, Pus, and Poison

Series Description

“Engrossing” —The Herald (U.K.)

“Entertaining and unpredictable” —The Independent (U.K.)

“Fascinating” —Daily Record (U.K.)

“Excellent” —Daily Mail (U.K.)

In this “entertaining medical series” (The Sunday Times, U.K.), Dr. Michael Mosley shows how drugs have revolutionized medicine and changed the course of human history. Unfolding over a period of 200 years, it’s an extraordinary tale of daring, self-experimentation, revelation, genius, and outright luck.

In three episodes, Mosley recounts how humans have learned to fight back against disease and death—from unleashing the power of nature’s medicine cabinet to the mass production of modern pharmaceuticals. With his characteristic enthusiasm, sense of fun, and hands-on approach, Mosley takes you on a journey of discovery and scientific breakthrough that has saved millions of lives and transformed our world—and that promises a personalized, genetic approach to medicine in the future.


About the Host

Dr. Michael Mosley is a physician, award-winning science journalist, and accomplished television presenter. He has hosted programs including Inside the Human Body and The Story of Science, and he is the author of the nutrition book The Fast Diet.