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Time Time: Favorite Digs

Series Description

“Turns archaeology into fun” —Arkansas Democrat-Gazette

“Illuminating” —The Daily Telegraph (U.K.)


Tony Robinson (Blackadder) is back as the leader of Time Team, a band of archaeologists, historians, surveyors, geophysicists, and other assorted experts determined to unearth mysteries concealed by topsoil and time.

For these eight episodes, the team members have selected their favorite digs, ranging from Iron Age, Roman, and Saxon Britain to a World War II crash site in France and a sugar plantation in the Caribbean. Each dig presents a different set of challenges, whether it’s zip-lining to an offshore promontory, fighting back jungle growth, interpreting strange findings, or, of course, contending with the ever-present threat of rain. With just three days at each site to complete their excavations, they race against time to reveal Britain’s buried history.



Bonus disc with the series’ first episode and two extended follow-up episodes


About the Host

British actor, comedian, and history enthusiast Tony Robinson starred on the classic period comedy Blackadder and has presented numerous documentary programs including The Worst Jobs in History and The Real Da Vinci Code.