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Time Time: Unearthing the Roman Invasion

Series Description

“Compelling history” —Daily Telegraph (U.K.)

“Brilliantly executed” —The Observer (U.K.)


In this popular and long-running reality series, presenter Tony Robinson (Blackadder) travels across Britain to unearth secrets from the nation’s rich history. Accompanying Robinson are the Time Team, an eclectic band of archaeologists, historians, surveyors, geophysicists, and other experts, who help him sift the evidence and piece together the past. With just three days at each site to complete their excavations, they race against time to reveal Britain’s buried history.

In these 12 episodes, the Time Team set to work on sites from the era of the Roman occupation in the first centuries CE. From a mysterious cluster of stones in London’s Greenwich Park to a vast ancient complex beneath a Cotswold field, the crew digs deep to solve some of Roman Britain’s enduring mysteries.


About the Host

British actor, comedian, and history enthusiast Tony Robinson starred on the classic period comedy Blackadder and has presented numerous documentary programs including The Worst Jobs in History and The Real Da Vinci Code.