In 2009, Acorn Media Group launched Athena, a branded line of home video products providing a rich and enjoyable learning experience to intellectually curious consumers. These in-depth, yet entertaining, long-form documentaries facilitate the pursuit of lifelong learning. Athena focuses on bringing you programs from a diverse range of subjects, including The People’s Republic of Capitalism with Ted Koppel exploring China-U.S. relations, Playing Shakespeare invites you into an actor’s workshop, and Every Picture Tells a Story divulges the secrets behind the world’s most famous masterpieces.

To enhance the learning experience and provide viewers with valuable, supplementary information to delve deeper into Athena topics, each program will include a 16- to 20-page booklet with brief summaries of the major ideas, discussion questions, and title-specific content, in addition to DVD extras, exclusive web content, and SDH subtitles. Our products are available through the Acorn catalog and at Acornonline.com but Athena programs can also be found at most major retailers. Engage your mind, expand your world with Athena.

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